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Wireless Charger | Simple Magnetic Suction

Wireless Charger | Simple Magnetic Suction

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Product information:

Input:22V Max
Input Connector:USB-C connector
Magnet output: depends on adapter output
Cell phone wireless output: 15W Max
USB output:5V-2A
Headphone wireless output: 5W Max
Compatible models: Type-C, Micro, Apple

Style1:Dock [type-c version],
Style2:Dock [Apple version],
Style3: dock [Android version],
Style4:dock + three magnetic head,
Style5:dock [type-c version] + GTS2/GTR2/2e USB charger,
Style6:dock [type-c version] + GTS/GTR mini USB charger,
Style7:dock [type-c version] + Redmi USB charger clip,
Style8: base [type-c version] + adapt Huawei GT GT2 magic2 gs pro portable charger,
Style9: base [type-c version] + adapt Apple 1-6 generation portable charger,
Style10: base [type-c version] + Huawei watch3/gt2 pro usb charger,
Style11: dock [type-c version] + adapt Xiaomi color sports version USB charger,
Style12:dock [type-c version]+adaptation one plus watch portable charger,
Style13: base [type-c version] + new Samsung watch charger,
Style14:base [type-c version] + xiaomi bracelet charger 7/6/5

Packing list:

Base*1 Magnetic head*1 Charging cable*1/ Base*1 Magnetic head*3 Charging cable*1/ Base*1 Magnetic head*1 Charging cable*1 Pocket charger*1

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